Sunday, 4 May 2008

Baalbek Stone

Here is a link to Google Maps for amazing engineering evidence of ancient world I will explain below.

Just consider - this stone weights roughly 1000 tonnes and was cut out thousands of years ago. Nowadays the technology to lift and move so heavy loads have emerged only 10-20 years ago. This stone was abandoned at quarry, but there are three stones wighting around 800 tones each that were cut out and brought over to the construction site some 600m away to the Baalbek acropolis platform. There is no strong evidence as to who and how and most importantly why it was built and when did it happen. Theories range form Romans doing it by using man power (for me seems too extreme) to platform being built for prehistoric extraterrestrial space ship landing purposes. Here is a very good article about Baalbek Stone and Platform.


Denny said...

Hello Aigars and visitors,

After watching the two movies/films/ideas – Zietgeist and Esoteric agenda. (I have to ‘confess’ that I am a fan of ‘religion-E.T-Social structure, and books like Chariots of the gods and the plot set-up in Matrix). I have more questions/ideas: Below are one scenario and one question.

What if mankind exist for a purpose? We come about whether through Darwin evolution, big-bag or/and firstly ‘implanted’ and then later evolved to what we are today. All this is done for a purpose (the evolution might just be a hazard – a freak of nature).

The purpose in our case is to be used as a source of energy. Like us we depends on the sun and it derivative for energy (e.g. Plants, fossil oil, wind, etc). In this case mankind/earth serve as a medium to transform the sun energy into a form of energy that is useful (for whom?). The recent discovery of the DNA phantom effect might be a link/proof that mankind/Earth is working sort like a sun for the ET – transforming and reflecting the energy from our sun to their planet. Where we are merely one of the clog in the whole galaxy. The challenge for our science is to be able to understand and ‘tap’ into this ‘energy’ that each one of us is generating.

Second question, regarding the ideas that a small group of people is controlling the whole world. Depending on the degree of ‘truth’, it has always being the case and will probably continue to be so. As in Pareto 80/20 rules..

However, in both film, they are primarily focusing on the civilisation/development of race from the ‘European origin’ (e.g. Where civilisation starting from Mesopotamia). What about civilisation that is originated from Asia with starting point from China? Does it mean that such ideas/concepts/structure are not applicable to the race of Asian origin? Hence reflected in the difference in religion approach as in Buddhism, Hinduism, etc….

There you go some of my thoughts …what do you think? ….


Aigars Bruvelis said...

I decided to rather right to you email than post a comment:) I hope you are still using it:D

Actually, it was first time heard about this movie (Esoteric Agenda) from you. I just finished watching it. Thanks:)

Now, I gave a thought to what you said in a comment in Ancient Puzzles.

1. I am sure we have a purpose - never had a doubt about it:) What is exact purpose of you as individual and us as a collective beings or/and consciousness? I found my answer by asking what is the most important thing in my life through series of questions. Then I questioned the answer with asking "why?". I broke it down to harmony. Harmony is the most important thing in my life and I suspect that many others as well would be happy to live in harmony. Now here I had a question to myself - what would be the answer for those people who would not break it down to either harmony, love or synonymous termini? And I suspect that it could be the opposite concept - power (if taken from the concept of Esoteric Agenda the motivation of power is fear, but I guess they would not break it down to it as it would be hard to recognise that fear is the most important thing for them:D:D).

When I think about it can not resist the idea that those who are actually motivated by permanent fear are not humans beings:) OR put it differently - human beings naturally can not be under the influence of fear, therefore people whose actions are centred towards power (particularly aggressive dominance) are actually not humans. But who are they then? This concept is suggesting that there are other intelligent beings around us and I will not go further:)

2. I kind of tend to agree that evolution is a side effect - do not know planned, unplanned, desirable or undesirable. But energy source (apart from Matrix movie) is a new concept to me. While I consider it possible I would tend towards thinking that we are not the most efficient source of energy in this realm, but because we can be considered being capable to live in parallel worlds (like dreaming - consciousness itself can be considered a multidimensional) it is possible that we are energy source in a parallel world:)

3. DNA phantom could be a carrier of information as well as untapped source of skills and abilities not currently known to general public and if activated could transform our perception of universe:)

4. I do not care about rulers of the world. And to be honest there are ways to live autonomous life - no grid energy in energy efficient houses, fuel less transportation (i.e. bicycle), home grown food - if all 6bil people would simultaneously switch to these methods of living and lifestyle the rich and powerful would disappear - they would not be able to generate enough funds to promote our dependence on their products and services - and therefore would become just one of us and live in harmony like we do:D:D:D:D:D:D So....EVERYTHING IS IN THE HANDS OF 6BIL PEOPLE.
It will not happen because people do not want to know the truth - they have all the power over their own destiny.

5. China is just amazing! It has massive history and culture as well as India. I would love to have the amount of information I have about Russia and Europe and Middle East about India and China. The existence of those cultures are largely ignored (like my example of pyramids). I am sure there are many amazing things in China that are not reported to the public for reasons not known to me. The religions in China and India (Budism and Hindu) provide different world view from Islam and Christianity. At the end of the day China, India and rest of the Asian countries together make half of the whole world population!

I have done some investigations about India and would love to visit it. They have some amazing stuff there - radioactive zones in places were Gods were fighting, everlasting fires, metal post that does not rust and flying stones. That all of course needs to be investigated.

These topics are so broad and theories are so many that to say with certainty who are we, how, when and where do we come from will be answered only when time machine will be invented and we will be able to travel to past:)

For now all I can say - it is clear that most of the informative bullshit we are being fed with is irrelevant to a human being and our perception of reality is blurred by consumption and entertainment concepts pulled over us.

One thing I would like to point out is - China and India should not allow western concepts to take over local traditions:)