Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Ancient engravings

From Sumerian culture to South American Indian cultures - they all have done carvings of creatures and technology. Some of the interesting ones I present here.

Here is the famous lizard man (David Ickes source is MK ULTRA mind control victims, who claim to have seen them alive). I propose alternative perspective (will not go into much detail) - NeAnderThaler. NewAnderDollar New Man Dollar. New Money Man
. Or it is just a mask.

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Here are somehow similar Indian depiction of beings or humans in masks or astronauts. The picture on the left depicts a weapon may be. It looks more advanced than a spear.

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These are too complicated and the quality of pictures is too bad to come to solid conclusions. My guess is that these are vehicles. Various transports possibly for space travel, flight in the air or depicted at the bottom would serve the purpose of ground transport. The most weird is the one on the right.

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Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ancient beings depicted in figurines?

In different ancient times and places all over the world come figurines that are slightly out of ordinary. Here I will present few of them. Dogu figure from the Jōmon period of Ancient Japan - see a bit more info in wiki. Looks like a regular guy, doesn't it?

In British Museum you will find many Sumerian alien looking figurines. Some of them you can see in Martin's site here. Below are
Lizard-headed figurines (Ubaid culture - location Iraq) from around 5ooo-4000 B.C.

More controversial are Father Carlo Crespi figurines. While living in Cuenca in Ecuador he accepted many present from locals. Some of the best ones in the ancient alien context are the ones below. It seems that people were familiar with the concept of human flight and something very close to gas masks or space suits. Here is a good introduction to the Carlo Crespi.
The flight depiction in Crespi collection.Below is embedded video for more info on Japanes ancient figurines.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Peru Sacsayhuaman

Massive stones cut in odd shapes in South America. The technology allowed to out them together so you can not put a needle between two stones. Click here to see large size image.

The evidence of advanced level of stone cutting technology can be seen on carvings left after stones where taken to construction site.
If for you they look like steps look at picture below - they lead to nowhere - they are just stone blocks that got carved out.Here is a video link for further excitement. The crazy thing is we are told they did not have wheels, mathematics and writing. If you would have a chance to ask Inca 800 years ago who built those massive structures, they would likely say that they don't know. Then the question would be, who built them then?

Make sure you watch all 6 parts.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ancient Flight - hight tech planes

Thanks to German bloke Peter Belting ancient flight technologies are now proved to be working well - I believe he has done his experiments already some time ago, but this very important info is not spreading. He took ancient plain models (they were labeled in museum as insect models:)) and scaled them up, attached engine and off it went in the air. We are talking about 1000 years ago before modern flight took place - I am amazed.

That is not all to it. In Egypt (again Egypt - South America connection?) there was a wooden "bird" model found few thousand years old. Again it was scaled up and put under tests. With adding the part on the tail of the plane that has been ripped of the model (but have left marks on the model) it flew like an angel - Sahara Bird.
The last one is the drawing in Temple of Abydos that puzzles me as many others - is it plane, helicopter and submarine that is depicted on the wall?Here is a video link for your own research.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Elongated skulls

The evidence of deformed (or may be just different race) ancient Egyptian of human head is not left alone. There are numerous skulls found in Peru area that are kept in at least one local museum. Some of them are said to be deformed purposefully from childhood and their velocity is similar to "normal" skull. However the velocity of others are considerably larger than "normal" suggesting that the artificial shaping could not be "blamed" for it leaving us with different theories. My guess again is that there might be a link between ancient Egyptian sculptures of humans of elongated skulls and numerous South American skulls and a race of beings with elongated skulls have lived once on both sides of the ocean. How did they travel and spread there and why have they disappeared (or have they?) would be a different story.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Ancient Cutting technologies

I am also intrigued by the stone cutting technology that has been used in Egypt thousands of years ago. As you can see in the image above it looks like some stones have been leveled out after the construction had been finished. The level of precision suggests that it has been done in one go - a kind of giant saw or it rather looks to me that stones have been sliced like a butter. I do not know, but if you look at both pictures it seems rather odd to assume that it has been done with simple tools we are told were used in Egypt 4000 years ago.
Credit to in regard to photos

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Baalbek Stone

Here is a link to Google Maps for amazing engineering evidence of ancient world I will explain below.

Just consider - this stone weights roughly 1000 tonnes and was cut out thousands of years ago. Nowadays the technology to lift and move so heavy loads have emerged only 10-20 years ago. This stone was abandoned at quarry, but there are three stones wighting around 800 tones each that were cut out and brought over to the construction site some 600m away to the Baalbek acropolis platform. There is no strong evidence as to who and how and most importantly why it was built and when did it happen. Theories range form Romans doing it by using man power (for me seems too extreme) to platform being built for prehistoric extraterrestrial space ship landing purposes. Here is a very good article about Baalbek Stone and Platform.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Size of China Pyramids

These two same scale images illustrate the biggest pyramid I could find on this particular area
and the nearby football pitch and a car. One side of the pyramid from the simple calculations I made is 250m. This is exciting to witness something like this, but it seems that the rest of the world is not particularly bothered:) - there is an airport nearby, motorway jungle, city and a farm land. I hope I will be able to see them myself with my own eyes one day.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Massive China Pyramid complex

Here is my first post about an ancient puzzle that seems to be known to few people only. If you are under impression that Egyptians were exclusive designers and builders of pyramids or maybe you are aware of ancient civilisations building them in Americas you should look deeper. The truth is that pyramids were built all over the planet.

Here I will briefly cover China pyramids and in further posts I will investigate available evidences in other pyramid sites as well. The total number of China pyramids is claimed to be over 100. I looked in Google maps and found two here straight away First photos were made in 1945 and much later Mr Hartwig Hausdorf did his research on them. Most of them are located in the area near city Xi'an and I will try to find them and locate them on the G-map.

What are the implications? This rises a question of how the same type of grand architecture could be so widespread in ancient supposedly primitive world. Well, I am starting to question the primitiveness of our ancestors:)