Friday, 2 May 2008

Massive China Pyramid complex

Here is my first post about an ancient puzzle that seems to be known to few people only. If you are under impression that Egyptians were exclusive designers and builders of pyramids or maybe you are aware of ancient civilisations building them in Americas you should look deeper. The truth is that pyramids were built all over the planet.

Here I will briefly cover China pyramids and in further posts I will investigate available evidences in other pyramid sites as well. The total number of China pyramids is claimed to be over 100. I looked in Google maps and found two here straight away First photos were made in 1945 and much later Mr Hartwig Hausdorf did his research on them. Most of them are located in the area near city Xi'an and I will try to find them and locate them on the G-map.

What are the implications? This rises a question of how the same type of grand architecture could be so widespread in ancient supposedly primitive world. Well, I am starting to question the primitiveness of our ancestors:)

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