Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Elongated skulls

The evidence of deformed (or may be just different race) ancient Egyptian of human head is not left alone. There are numerous skulls found in Peru area that are kept in at least one local museum. Some of them are said to be deformed purposefully from childhood and their velocity is similar to "normal" skull. However the velocity of others are considerably larger than "normal" suggesting that the artificial shaping could not be "blamed" for it leaving us with different theories. My guess again is that there might be a link between ancient Egyptian sculptures of humans of elongated skulls and numerous South American skulls and a race of beings with elongated skulls have lived once on both sides of the ocean. How did they travel and spread there and why have they disappeared (or have they?) would be a different story.


Anonymous said...

When my son was born, his scull was shaped like that, he looked like a cone-head. The doctor said it was because the scull is soft before leaving the womb and the birthing canal elongates it in passage. This made sense to me, as I watched him reshape my baby's head to a decent form and cover it with a pretty cap. He said it would look perfect in a few days, and it did. I suppose if someone had put a band on his head to keep it in the elongated shape it was, it may have stayed that way, rather than going back to normal. Some tribes in Africa have been known to purposely do this, just as some cultures are known to stretch the neck with rings.

ktm882 said...

Michelle, I think you are right. Our ancestors did that to recreate the look our alien forbears had, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.