Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ancient Flight - hight tech planes

Thanks to German bloke Peter Belting ancient flight technologies are now proved to be working well - I believe he has done his experiments already some time ago, but this very important info is not spreading. He took ancient plain models (they were labeled in museum as insect models:)) and scaled them up, attached engine and off it went in the air. We are talking about 1000 years ago before modern flight took place - I am amazed.

That is not all to it. In Egypt (again Egypt - South America connection?) there was a wooden "bird" model found few thousand years old. Again it was scaled up and put under tests. With adding the part on the tail of the plane that has been ripped of the model (but have left marks on the model) it flew like an angel - Sahara Bird.
The last one is the drawing in Temple of Abydos that puzzles me as many others - is it plane, helicopter and submarine that is depicted on the wall?Here is a video link for your own research.

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Hendon Harris said...

Many people find ancient flight hard to swallow. That's because we are taught that Orville and Wilbur Wright were the first men to fly via powered flight and that even wind powered flight is fairly recent in human history. It's the common theory and convenient for Eurocentric historians as incorrect as it actually is. If you have an interest in believing 4that human intelligence, science and technology has developed on a straight line upward or if you need to believe that western civilization is the source of all significant scientific advancements then this is the theory for you. However, there is so much more to be known on this subject. If ancient flight was not a reality then why are there so many ancient written Asian references to it. And why are there so many geoglyphs
around the world like the Nazca Lines, the Marree Man,
the Chalk Horse in England and The Harris Horse in Wyoming as well as hundreds of others that can only be seen from very high altitude? Who would spent such time and effort constructing something that nobody could
see unless they were flying?