Sunday, 8 February 2009

Ancient beings depicted in figurines?

In different ancient times and places all over the world come figurines that are slightly out of ordinary. Here I will present few of them. Dogu figure from the Jōmon period of Ancient Japan - see a bit more info in wiki. Looks like a regular guy, doesn't it?

In British Museum you will find many Sumerian alien looking figurines. Some of them you can see in Martin's site here. Below are
Lizard-headed figurines (Ubaid culture - location Iraq) from around 5ooo-4000 B.C.

More controversial are Father Carlo Crespi figurines. While living in Cuenca in Ecuador he accepted many present from locals. Some of the best ones in the ancient alien context are the ones below. It seems that people were familiar with the concept of human flight and something very close to gas masks or space suits. Here is a good introduction to the Carlo Crespi.
The flight depiction in Crespi collection.Below is embedded video for more info on Japanes ancient figurines.

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